Monday, June 02, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (May 31) Experiences.

Experience One.

A young sales rep of a large Fortune 1000 firm, was granted a five minute meeting with the Vice President of Sales.  It was customary at this firm and probably the only time during his career that the young rep would have a chance to meet in person with his boss's, boss's, boss's, boss's, boss's boss.

So the young sales rep got right down to business with a question, "How did you become so successful?" he asked.

"Two words," replied the vice president.

"And what would those two words be?" inquired the rep.

"Right decisions," answered the vice president.

"How do you make right decisions?" asked the rep.

"One word," the vice president paused for emphasis, "experience."

"And how do you get experience?" asked the rep.

"Two words," replied the vice president.

"And those would be?" asked the rep as his time drew to a close.

"Wrong decisions," replied the vice president, "Now go have a nice day and a great career."

Experience Two.

When an unemployed salesman was forced to apply for a job as a laborer at a local lemon grove, he was asked; "Do you have any experience picking lemons?"

"Well," he answered,  "I've been divorced three times."

Moral of the stories.   True sales professionals realize that it doesn't matter whether you're just starting in sales or you are switching industries half way through your career; your biggest asset is your experience.   Your experience makes you unique.  No one else has worked with the customers or the opportunities you have.   No one else has struggled through the adversities you have.  If you learn from your mistakes and your accomplishments, you will become more and more effective each and every day.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." 
-  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.