Friday, July 27, 2012

Sales Joke of the Day (July 27) Salesperson's Famous Last Words

"You can make it easy....   that train isn't coming very fast!"

"Gimme a match.  I think my gas tank is empty!"

"Honey, these biscuits are hard!"

"If you knew anything, you wouldn't be a traffic cop."

"Say, who is the boss of this joint anyhow?"

"Let's see if it's loaded."

"Step on her, boy, we're only going 75 and we don't want to be late for that meeting!"

"Lemme have that bottle; I'll try it."

"I used to run track in college, I can keep up with you in the corporate 10 mile run no problem.

"What?  Your mother is going to stay another month!"

"Just watch me dive from that bridge!"

"Try shaking the propane tank first and then hitting it with the sledge hammer.  It can't be empty yet.  Don't want these hamburgers going to waste!"

Moral of the story.    During the lazy, hazy days of summer salespeople everywhere tend to let their guard down.  Professionals on the other hand always stay alert and make smart decisions.   Besides it tough to hit quota when your dead.   So now that it's summer out there folks.....   play safe!