Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (February 15) Jury Duty.

To the irritation of the judge, the salesman was trying to be excused from jury duty. 

"Tell me," rapped the judge, "is there any good reason why you cannot serve as a juror in this trial?"

The salesman replied:  "I don't want to be away from my job that long."

"Can't they do without you at work?" demanded the judge.

"Yes," admitted the salesman, "But I don't want them to realize it."

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals know that in order to be successful at sales you need to make your self indispensable.  Indispensable to your customers, your co-workers and your employer.  How do you do this?   By being fully engaged in what you do.  By going the extra mile and by trying to help those around you become better at what they do.   Second, listen!  You'd be amazed at all that you can learn about your company, your products and yourself; just by listening to those around you.   Chances are, if you are just going through the motions between 9 to 5, no one is really going to miss you.   And it's just a matter of time before they realize it.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another."   -  John F. Kennedy