Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sales Joke of the Day (December 10) Big Maria Mountains.


The female sales manager was having a problem with her sales team.  She was beginning to regret moving to Blythe, California and taking the sales management job with a software company that had fallen on hard times.   But her turnaround plan had been accepted by the president of the company.  She was given the go ahead to hire six additional sales reps for a grand total of 24. She had announced the first meeting of the whole new sales team today right after lunch, at 1:15pm.

Unfortunately she was in the board room with only 21 members of her sales team and it was already 1:30pm.  Tardiness amongst her staff was a problem she would have to deal with right away.   Just as she was about to go ahead with the meeting anyway, one of her truant salesmen scurried to take his seat.

"What's the reason for your tardiness today Jeff?" the sales manager asked.

"My apologies Rhonda, but I was on top of Big Maria Mountains at lunch, and I lost track of time," replied the first salesman.

Just as the sales manager was again about to start the meeting, the second of her truant salesmen, scurried in to take his seat.    

"What's the reason for your tardiness today, George?" the sales manager asked with a little bit more tone this time around.

"Sorry, Rhonda, but I was on top of Big Maria Mountains today at lunch and I lost track of time," replied George, the second tardy salesman.

Now missing only one of her six new hires, Rhonda the sales manager, was just about to kick things off, when a young woman she had never seen before, scurried into the boardroom and quickly took her seat.

"Let me guess," asked the sales manager sarcastically, "Big Maria Mountains?"

"Well yes Rhonda," replied the new hire.   "I'm flattered that you know my name is Maria Mountains, but don't you think describing me as big is a little inappropriate."

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals know that in order to succeed at sales, they need to be punctual and present for internal sales meetings.   If you're late, you are showing disrespect not just towards your sales manager but towards your fellow colleagues too.   Here's a thought, next time you are scheduled for a sales meeting, show up a few minutes early, relax, and take some reading material with you.   Just make sure the reading material is appropriate.

"It's never to late to be what you might have been."     -     George Elliot