Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sales Joke of the Day (December 1) Expensive Pastimes.

The salesman was sitting at the clubhouse bar, thinking about his latest extra-marital affair.  Absent-mindedly, he began thinking aloud: "Not worth it, never as good as you hoped.  Expensive, it messes with your mind and it's not fair on the wife."

Overhearing this, a friend sitting nearby leaned over and said: "Come on, man, you knew what to expect when you took up golf."

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals know that in order to be successful at sales you need to plan for the future and work in the present.  Lamenting about the past changes nothing.   Don't waste your today worrying about your past times.

"The sportsman knows that a sport is a recreation, a game, an amusement, and a pastime, but his eyes are fixed on a higher goal, on the most important thing in his life, which is his education or his vocation."    -    Avery Brundage