Saturday, December 07, 2013

Sales Joke of the Day (December 7) The Theft.

The salesman drove his brand new Ferrari over to his favorite clothing store to pick out a brand new Italian suit.  He parked his new Ferrari outside and went in to do a little browsing before making his selection.  Nicole, his regular salesperson, and greeted the salesman upon his arrival.  She smiled, waved her long golden blond hair and in a very flirtatious way asked, "And how may I help you today?"

"Just browsing for a few minutes today," replied the salesman.   "I'll give you a shout in about ten minutes once I've found something."

"Five minutes later Nicole came running over to the salesman crying out,  "Come quick!  Come quick!  Someone is driving off in your new Ferrari!"  

"Did you try to stop him?" asked the salesman.

"No, I did better than that!" replied Nicole.   "I wrote down his license plate number!"

Moral of the story.  True sales professionals know that in order to succeed at sales they need to dress the part and drive the right car just to get in front door.  But once in front of the prospect if you just jot down useless notes instead of working towards really solving their problems, you aren't going to be getting to very far.

"If you have to lie, cheat, steal, obstruct and bully to get your point across, it must not be a point capable of surviving on its own merits."                                   -          Steven Weber