Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sales Joke of the Day (December 19) Pictures.

His bride stepped out of the shower on their wedding night, wrapped in a robe.  The salesman said:  "You don't have to be shy now.  We're married."   So she took off her robe and revealed her naked body.

"Wow!" said the salesman.   "Let me take your picture."

"Why?" asked his wife coyly.

"So I can carry your beauty next to my heart for ever."

The salesman took his photo and then went to have a shower himself.  A few minutes later he emerged wrapped in a robe.

"Why are you wearing a robe, honey?" his wife asked.  "Remember, you don't have to be shy now.  We're married."   So the salesman took off his robe to reveal his naked body.

"Let me take your picture," his wife said.

"Why?" the salesman asked, grinning.

"So I can get it enlarged," was the reply.

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals know that in order to be successful at sales they need to celebrate milestone events with their clients.   Taking clients out for dinner, a sporting event, a rock concert or perhaps a round of golf; can all be enhanced by taking a few pictures of those special occasions.  You can email a few of these photos to your clients to relive the good times or get the real great shots enlarged and framed as a nice way of capturing the moment.  During desperate times, true candid photography could generate additional streams of income, but please be aware of any rules and regulations surrounding such practices in your specific area.

"Anyone with a smartphone is a potential eyewitness cameraman capturing and transmitting stories at speeds that turn Reuter photos and traditional reporting into, well, .....   yesterday's news."                    -  Harvey Fierstein