Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sales Joke of the Day (November 12) Hospitality.

A smartly dressed salesman entered a plush Manhattan bar and took a seat.  The bartender came over and asked:  "What can I get you to drink sir?"

"Nothing, thank you," replied the salesman.  "I tried alcohol once but I didn't like it, and I haven't drunk it since."

The bartender was a little perplexed but being a friendly, outgoing sort, he pulled out some cigarettes from his pocket, flipped the top of the pack and offered one to the salesman.  But the salesman refused, saying:  "I tried smoking once, didn't like it, and I have never smoked since.  Look, actually I wouldn't be in here at all, except that I'm waiting for my son."

To which the bartender said:  "Your only child I presume?"

Moral of the story.    True sales professionals know that in order to be successful at sales, you need to be polite and accept others hospitality.  Never hold a meeting in an establishment without ordering something.  It's the courteous thing to do.   If you don't smoke or drink and someone offers you either, just say, "No thanks, but I appreciate your offer."   Or you could counter with, "No thanks, I was just about to order myself a coffee, could I order you one too?"  In this way you are less likely to offend anyone.   Remember, an offended prospect, rarely becomes a paying customer.

"My father was a guy who, because of the businesses he was in, - the hotel business, - the hospitality business - he didn't differentiate between the waiter serving you dinner, from the maitre d from the guy who owns a restaurant.  Everybody was the same to him.  He didn't look at who you were.  He didn't look at your wallet."     -     Steve Tisch