Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (January 1) (archives) New Year's Day.

Feeling nostalgic on New Year's day, the seventy-five year old salesman and his wife drove to the nursery school where they first met.  Outside, they stood before the old oak tree where he had carved "JS loves MB" inside a heart; they peered into the windows at the corner where he'd stolen his first playful kiss from his future bride.

As they drove home, the salesman and his wife, found themselves behind an armored car, and when the Brinks truck hit a pothole, a fat canvas bag dropped out, so the couple stopped to retrieve it.

"My goodness," said the salesman's wife, looking inside the canvas bag, "there must be half a million dollars in here!"

Scrupulously honest, the salesman said, "Dear.  We must give it back."

"No way!" she snapped.  And they drove home.

The next day two insurance agents came to their door.  "We're talking to all the people in the neighborhood," said one, "to see if anyone found a bag with money in it."

"We sure didn't find one," replied the salesman's wife, quickly.

"Yes we did," replied the guilt-stricken salesman.

The salesman's wife fired him a withering glance, then said to the agents.  "You'll have to forgive my husband.  He's senile."

"No, I'm not!" insisted the salesman, holding the agents with his steady gaze.   "My wife and I were driving home from nursery school and --"

"Come on," said the first agent to his associate, "maybe we'll have better luck at the next house."

Moral of the story.    True sales professionals know that in order to be successful at sales you need to make sure that you save plenty of money during your income generating years for your retirement.   Not everyone has the time and patience to follow Brinks trucks around everywhere.   Further, if others think you are senile and you're not, don't worry!   If you play along, you just might be able to supplement your retirement income with a new career in shoplifting, home break-ins, auto-theft or any other type of crime where senility is accepted as an alibi.   Remember, in tough situations, always play to your strengths and the reputation others have of you, and you can never lose.  Now go out and make 2015 your best year ever!

"Young men have a passion for regarding their elders as senile."    -   Henry Adams

"When you become senile, you won't know it."       -   Bill Cosby