Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sales Joke of the Day (September 10) Camping.

Camping by the Colorado River, a woman was surprised to see a man rowing down the river screaming, "No!  No!  No!"   Spotting another woman down the shore, she ran over.

"Say" she said quickly, "shouldn't we do something to help that man?  He seems to be in distress."

The other woman looked up, her expression placid.  "You mean him?   He's just my husband.  He's a salesman, and he's just fine."

"If he's fine, then why is he rowing down the river screaming 'no'?"

The salesman's wife smiled.   "He's just letting off a little steam on the weekend.   During the week, he's nothing but a corporate 'yes' man."

Moral of the story.  True sales professionals know that in order to succeed at sales you need to have a way to release work-related stress that builds up during the week.    No one can paddle upstream forever, without a release from stress.   Such prolonged pressure could cause you to spring a leak, which could capsize your career.   So say 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' to the weekend!  Relax and unwind so you can get ready for all those 'nos' you'll start hearing again on Monday.

"You don't paddle against the current, you paddle with it.  And if you get good at it, you throw away the oars."  -  Kris Kristofferson