Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sales Joke of the Day (September 25) Fully Engaged.

The young salesman was very happy.  He and his girlfriend had been dating for over a year and they had decided to get married.   His parents were on board, his friends were all being supportive and his girlfriend?  She was an absolute dream.

There was only one thing bothering the young salesman.  His mother-in-law to be.  She was a career woman, very smart, but she was also very beautiful, sexy even.   The problem?   She would flirt with him, sometimes obviously, and it would make him feel quite uncomfortable.

One day, the mother-in-law to be, phones the young salesman and tells him to come over and check the invitations.   So the salesman drops what he is doing and drives right over.   When he gets there, his mother-in-law to be, invites him to sit beside her on the couch.   The invitations are sitting there on the coffee table in front of her.  Without thinking, the young man takes a seat next to her on the couch and begins to examine the invitations.  They appear to be just fine.   That's when it dawns on the young salesman that the two of them are alone.

His mother-mother-law to be, takes the opportunity to move closer to him on the couch and whispers in his ear, "Soon you'll be married to my daughter, but I have feelings and desires for you that I can't overcome.  So before you get married and commit your life to my daughter, I want to get to know you much better, just once."

The young salesman is in total shock.  He can't seem to say a word. 

Then his mother-in-law to be says in a very sultry voice, "I'll go to the bedroom upstairs, and if you are up for it, just come and get me."  The young salesman watches her every curve as she ascends the stairs.

The young salesman just stands there for a moment to collect his wits, before turning around and heading straight out the front door.   His father-in-law to be is standing outside with tears in his eyes, hugs the young salesman and says, "We are happy and pleased.  You have passed our little test.  We couldn't have asked for a better man for our daughter.  Welcome to the family."

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals know that in order to succeed at sales they must always act with the utmost integrity.  From time to time in every career there will always be tests of character and temptations to do wrong.   But no matter what, always remember to keep your condoms in the car.

"Values are principles and ideas that bring meaning to life to the seemingly mundane experience of life.  A meaningful life that ultimately brings happiness and pride requires you to respond to temptations as well as to challenges with honor, dignity, and courage."                                              -     Laura Schlessinger