Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (April 16) Hard Times.

A very successful salesman, now millionaire, and his wife had everything money could buy.  Until the salesman had gambled on a few risky stock tips and lost everything.  He came home that night with a heavy heart and had to explain their new grim financial situation to his wife.

"Since we need to start cutting corners somewhere, Gladys," he went on, "you better learn how to cook so we can let the kitchen staff go."

The salesman's wife thought it over for a few moments before coming to grips with their new situation.  Nodding in agreement she suggested.  "Okay, George, but you better learn how to take care of me as a woman so we can fire the chauffeur."

Moral of the story.   Sales professionals know better than to invest their hard earned commissions on risky stock tips.  To ensure success, sales professionals save their money and invest in themselves.  A sales training program, or two, a year to keep yourself current in your profession, often provides a spectacular return on your investment in terms of much larger commission checks.  While an investment of time, in your family, pays huge dividends in terms of one's happiness and one's peace of mind.

"Invest three percent of your income in yourself (self-development) in order to guarantee your future."    -  Brian Tracy