Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (April 8) The Memory Problem.

When Jones, a salesman, was stretched out on the psychiatrist's couch, he was clearly in a bad state.  "Doctor," he pleaded voice quavering and hands twitching, "you've got to help me.  I really think I'm losing my mind.  I have no memory of what happened to me a year ago, nor even a few weeks back.  I can't even recall yesterday with any clarity.  I can't cope with daily life, my customers, my orders, my prospects.  Text messages, emails, memo's, webcasts, conference calls, call reports, trip reports, expense reports, quarterly business reviews, weekly forecasts!  It's all a blur!!!   I think I am going insane!!"

"Keep calm, Mr Jones," soothed the shrink.  "I'm sure I'll be able to help you.  Now tell me, how long have you had this problem?"

Jones looked up blankly.  "Problem?  What problem?  Who are you?"

Moral of the story.   Sales professionals know that memory is a tool no salesperson can do without.  But like any other muscle within the human body; if abused for prolonged periods of time, it can wear down or even break.  If you're losing your memory don't tell any of your colleagues at work.  Sales reps are finely tuned predators.  If they sense weakness in one of their own they will attack quickly and without mercy.  Tearing apart territories and ripping into accounts.  Revenue will flow everywhere!  So don't let yourself become that gazelle at the back of the herd!  Utilize your company's CRM program.  You will soon find it is your new best friend.  If you place all your activities and tasks into it, you won't have to remember a thing. 

Now where did I put that d-a-r-n password?