Friday, May 23, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (May 23) The Mortgage.

The salesman had barely paid off his mortgage on his house when he mortgaged it again to buy a car and , not long after, he borrowed to build a garage.  His banker hesitated and said, "If I do make this new loan, how will you buy gas for this car?"

"It seems to me," replied the salesman curtly, "that a guy who owns a big house, a car, and a garage, should be able to get credit for gasoline."

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals know that the ability to look after one's own finances is directly related to one's ability to relate to the finances of a prospect and ultimately will affect your ability to close the deal.   True sales professionals know that all business executives will try to accomplish three main goals with every major purchase.  First they will try to increase revenue.   Second they will try to lower expenses.   Third they will try to increase the utilization of their assets, or do more with less.  True sales professionals realize that the more clearly they are able to show how their product or service impacts these three main goals, the easier it is to get executive buy-in  and win the business.  The easier it is to win the business; the easier it becomes to pay off your own mortgage.

"Once you get the kids raised and the mortgage paid off and accomplish what you wanted to do in life, there's a great feeling of: "Hey, I'm free as a bird."    -  Dick Van Dyke