Monday, May 05, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (May 5) A Helping Hand.

A salesman with no arms walks into a bar and asks for a beer.  The bartender shoved the foaming glass in front of him. 

"Look, " said the salesman.  "I have no arms.  Would you please hold the glass up to my mouth so I can drink?"

"Sure," said the bartender, and he did.

"Now," said the salesman, " I wonder if you would be so kind as to get my handkerchief out of my pocket and wipe the foam off my mouth?"

"Certainly," said the bartender.  And it was done.

"If," said the armless salesman, "you'd reach in my right-hand pants pocket, you'll find the money for the beer."

The bartender got it.

"You've been very kind," said the salesman.  "Just one more thing.  Where's the men's room?"

"Out the door," said the bartender, "turn left, walk two blocks and there's one in the first gas station you come to on the right hand side."

Moral of the story.   Customer service is easy when there are no complications.  True sales professionals know that when there is trouble in an account, after sales service and support is key.  Nothing goes further to build your credibility within an account than after-sale problem solving.  When confronted with such issues, true sales professionals, roll up their sleeves and offer to lend a helping hand.

"My values, our values, aren't about pointing fingers.  They are about offering a helping hand."     -  Kathleen Blanco