Monday, May 26, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (May 26) Free Fall.

Just before a salesman made his first parachute jump, the instructor reminded him, "Count to ten and pull the first rip cord.  If it doesn't work, pull the second rip cord and your auxiliary chute will open.   After you land, our truck will pick you up."

The salesman took a deep breath and jumped.  He counted to ten, and pulled the first rip cord.  Nothing happened.  He pulled the second rip cord.  Again nothing happened.  As he careened crazily earthward, he said to himself, "Now I'll bet that truck won't be there on time either!"

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals realize early when their sales careers are in free fall.   The company may be responsible for not packing your "parachute" properly thereby making it impossible to succeed.   But you are the one who has the ability to bail out of that situation whenever you want to.   Sales situations where no one on the team is being successful, quickly become very toxic.  Complaints are constant, whining is everywhere and no one even bothers to "try" to fix things anymore.   To be truly successful, true sales professionals realize they need to be on a team that is successful; a team where co-operation replaces complaining and perpetual winning has stamped out perpetual whining.  Only in a healthy, challenging sales environment will your sales skills truly develop and your career soar!

Because of the law of gravitation the apple falls to the ground.
Because of the law of growth the acorn becomes the might oak.
Because of the law of causation a man is "as he thinketh in his heart."
-  Don Carlos Musser