Friday, May 09, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (May 9) The Cruise.

A salesman named Harold, fancied himself quite the ladies man.  So, when his singles cruise ship went down in a storm and he found himself stranded on an island with six gorgeous women, he couldn't believe his good fortune.  They quickly agreed that each woman would have one night a week with the only man.  Harold threw himself into the arrangement with gusto, but as the weeks stretched into months, Harold's stamina was starting to give way.    Harold found himself looking forward to his one day of rest each week, more and more eagerly.

One afternoon, Harold was sitting on the beach and wishing for some more men to come along and share his duties when he caught sight of a man waving from a life raft that was bobbing on the waves.  Harold swam out, pulled the raft to shore, and did a little jig of happiness.  "You can't believe how happy I am to see you," Harold cried.

The new fellow eyed Harold up and down and cooed, "You're a sight for sore eyes, too, you gorgeous thing!"

"Oh no!" Harold thought to himself.  "There go my Sundays!"

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals know that they can't work seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year.   Everyone needs to take a break each week, and a few weeks holidays each year to stay recharged, energized and on top of their game.  So if you haven't had a holiday lately, why not start planning one today?   Just think twice before taking a singles cruise.   Especially if you're married.

"Old and young, we are all on our last cruise."    -  Robert Louis Stevenson