Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (March 15) The Circus Strongman.

One of the sideshows at a circus featured a strong man who squeezed an orange until it appeared to be completely dry.  When he finished the strong man's manager challenged anybody in the audience to come forward and try to get one last drop out of the super compressed piece of fruit.  To make the offer a bit more enticing, the manager offered a thousand dollars to anyone who successfully eked out even one more tiny drop of juice.

A weight lifter with bulging muscles bounced up onto the stage, grabbed the orange from the manager, and pressed it with all of his might.  Nothing came out.  Next a big burly construction worker sauntered up and took the orange from the exhausted weight lifter.  After ten minutes of intense squeezing and a lot of grimacing, the construction worker finally admitted defeat.

"No other takers?" the manager asked with a satisfied sneer.

"May I try?" responded a short, skinny bespectacled salesman from the back row.

The manager couldn't keep a straight face as he and the rest of the crowd watched as the skinny, four-eyed, scrawny salesman made his way up to the front.  Suddenly, the laughter stopped when, to everyone's amazement the little guy picked up the orange and squeezed a puddle of juice onto the floor!

Flabbergasted, the manager sputtered,  "How the h-e-c-k did you do that?"

"It's quarter end," replied the salesman, "and I'm a rainmaker!"

Moral of the story.   No matter how hard the task or how "dry" the territory, rainmakers come through when it counts.  There's still time left this quarter to make a difference.   Don't be a drip.   Put the squeeze on between now and the end of the quarter and see how much you can make it rain.

"Shallow men believe in luck.  Strong men believe in cause and effect."  
                                                    -  Ralph Waldo Emerson