Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (March 26) Checking Inn.

A salesman traveling through rural America, decided to stop and spend the night at a picturesque country inn, called the George and Dragon.

Checking in at reception, he asked the lady co-owner whether meals were still being served at the bar.

"No," she replied forcefully.  "Last meals are at 8pm sharp and it's now 8:10pm."

"Not even a sandwich?" asked the salesman sheepishly.

"No, not even a sandwich.  The chef has packed up, and I'm certainly not going to start slaving away in the kitchen at this time of night just because you haven't thought things out very well."

"Very well," the salesman said resignedly.  "Is there a chance of having breakfast in my room in the morning?"

"Certainly not," she snapped.  "All breakfasts are served in the dining room at 7:30am prompt.  Do you have any more questions?"

"Yes,"  replied the salesman.  "Do you think it would be possible for me to have a word with George?"

Moral of the story.     True sales professionals know that succeeding in sales depends upon one's ability to get through the gatekeeper and talk with someone in authority.   You'll never get ahead just checking in.  If you waste too much time merely talking back and forth with non-decision makers, you'll eventually find it difficult to put food on the table or have a decent place to lay your head down at night.  Remember, if you want to succeed, it's best never to check in on the ground floor at the Gatekeeper Motel.   Keep moving on and upgrade to a room on a higher floor with a better view.

"Always be nice to secretaries.   They are the real  gatekeepers in the world."        
                                                 -  Anthony J. D'Angelo