Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (March 9) The Strike Out.

It was only her second date with the salesman, a diehard baseball fan, and Ilene was a little nervous.  It was Ilene's fault that they arrived at the stadium a full hour after the game had begun.  Taking her seat, Ilene glanced up at the scoreboard.  It was a tight pitcher's battle, bottom of the fifth, 0 - 0.

"Look, Charlie, " Ilene exclaimed in relief, "we haven't missed a thing!"

"Strike one," the salesman thought to himself.

A batter from the home team just drew a walk.

"Run, batter, run!" Ilene started to yell.

"Strike two!" the salesman thought to himself.   "He doesn't have to run;" Charlie continued to explain to Ilene, "he has four balls."

"Walk proudly handsome!   Walk proudly!" Ilene stood up and shouted.  

"Strike three.   I'm out of here!" the salesman thought to himself as he "walked" toward the exit.

Moral of the story.    Sales professionals must remember not to get hung up using terms and definitions their prospects may not be familiar with.  Ask yourself;  "Do 'Ilene' on jargon to try to impress others?"  Remember it's impossible to close a deal if you're not speaking their language.  Utilize only words your prospects will understand and make your best pitch.  

"Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back."     -  Babe Ruth