Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (March 27) The Airport Washroom.

A salesman went into a rundown public toilet stall in an airport in Chicago.  The toilets were separated by nothing more than low partitions, as a business executive, probably a lawyer, the salesman thought, stepped into the stall next to him.  The two men "briefly" acknowledged one another with that awkward public restroom type look, and then set about the business of emptying their bowels.

The salesman finished first but as he pulled up his pants prior to flushing the toilet, some coins from his pocket fell into the toilet bowl.  He looked at it, thought for a moment, and then dropped a $50 bill into the bowl.

The lawyer, who hear the weird commotion, peered over the partition and said:  "What the heck did you do that for?"

The salesman quickly replied:  "You don't expect me to put my hand in there for just seventy-five cents, do you?    Wait a minute, look who I'm talking to!"

Moral of the story.   True sales professionals know that in order to succeed they have to put in that extra little bit of effort every day.   Great sales people will put up with a lot of crap, roll up their sleeves and dig right into the task at hand.  If, they're really motivated.   And, if, there is enough money on the table to make it worth their while.

"The devil himself probably redesigned Hell in light of the information he gained from observing airport layouts."  -  Anthony Price