Friday, March 21, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (March 21) The Weight-Loss Clinic.

Finally admitting he was grossly overweight, the salesman decided it was time to take advantage of a special introductory offer from a new weight-loss clinic in town.  After handing over his payment he was shown into an empty room, where he was joined by a gorgeous blond.  "Hi," she said.  "If you catch me, I'm yours."

After an hour a buzzer rang and the gorgeous blond left the room.  The salesman while disappointed, realized that after the prolonged chase he'd lost ten pounds in the process.   Two days later he'd lost another 10 pounds chasing a brunette, and two days later another 8 pounds chasing a redhead.  All three attempts were unsuccessful, but the salesman was feeling his stamina coming back and the speed from his youth returning. 

Still fifty pounds overweight, and seeing the a special offer on a two-hour "Samoan Special" the salesman decided to sign up for the clinic's "most drastic weight-loss program."

The salesman was eagerly waiting in an empty room knowing that with a two hour time limit his luck would change.  Then the door opened and in came a three hundred and fifty pound Samoan guy, who grinned and said, "If I catch you, you're mine!"

Moral of the story.   Sales professionals know that in order to bring their "A" game on a regular basis they need to stay in top physical condition.   Sometimes though, whether it's the weather (winter), illness, travel or hectic schedules; we can let our exercise routines slide.  And that is never a good thing.  When it comes to our workouts, I'm sure we could all use "Somemoa!" 

"I'm losing my hair.  I'm overweight.  It's not like that's at the top of the list when women go looking for a man.  It's like complete collapse, every year."  -  Graydon Carter