Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sales Joke of the Day (March 25) The Deadly Stroke.

It was a perfect Sunday spring morning so a salesman, who is an avid golfer, and his wife, decide to get an early start to the season by heading out to a local golf course.  Since it was his first game of the season, the salesman's game was a little rusty.  He played a shot on the fifth hole that sliced so badly, it ended up in the gardener's equipment shed.  Looking in the door, the couple saw his ball sitting right in the middle of the shed.

"Look," said the salesman's wife, "If I hold the door open, you can play the shot in from here to the green."

This struck the salesman as an interesting challenge, but, alas, the ball missed the open door and struck his wife on the temple, killing her instantly.

The next day, the now widowed salesman, was playing with a group of 3 co-workers when he hit the exact same slice.  The group walked over the shed and sure enough, there sat the ball in the center of the room. 

"I tell you what," said one of his co-workers, "If I hold the door open, I bet you can get the ball back onto the green."

"Oh no," said the salesman shaking his head.  "I tried that once before and it took me seven shots to get out!"

Moral of the story.   Professional sales people are persistent, they don't let personal emotions get in the way of accomplishing their goals and they have an innate ability to learn from their mistakes while never repeating them.  Both golfers and sales pros have one goal in common.  They both want to make the green.

"It is nothing new or original to say that golf is played one stroke at a time.  But it took me many years to realize it."      -  Bobby Jones